Original Artwork Finished


It took less then a year! Here I am with the finished poster, R(Rock) I(In) P(Peace). Available for purchase under the Shop page!

13 Responses to Original Artwork Finished

  1. Tracy says:

    Where can I buy your new Rock In Peace Poster?

  2. John says:

    Having trouble with naming a few of these. Is there a list of all?

  3. Like to know all who are depicted i got about 33 of them

  4. Kara says:

    Who is the artist by Whitney Houston and buddy holly?

  5. Lorenzo says:

    I bought the poster. Can I get a detailed top to bottom list of the artists in the poster?

  6. Zane Huett says:

    Do you have a list of all the artists? I bought your painting but I cannot seem to name all of the artists and it’s killing me!

  7. Emilee says:

    Hi, my friend has this poster in his house and we were wondering who all the artists are. We were making a game out of it and guessed most of them but just a couple have us stuck. Is there a way of seeing who all the artists are? Thank you ~

  8. Steve Ross says:

    I have purchased this picture and it’s absolutely fantastic, but I can’t identify all the artists. Is it possible to get a list of them all? I would appreciate the help. Thank you!!

  9. Ian Townley says:

    Hey man I love this poster, bought it at Spencer’s and it’s a wonderful masterpiece. Can you please give me a guide to who everyone is because I can only name like 20 out of the entire poster! Thanks so much and have a happy New Year!

  10. chicko says:

    Can you write the names of rip poster people.we cant figure out some

  11. Josh says:

    Love Kurt’s shirt. Truth.

  12. Phyl says:

    My son bought me one of your posters..RandR theater a few years back..amazing.. I bought the RIP one.. but I know everyone in the poster except the woman beside Whitney houston..can’t figure her out..look forward to more..

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